Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Almost a week since I posted last! Appalling

Well, once again I've been really busy! I've another recipe to post, but more on that later.

This week I have been mostly nailing a shit load of calculus for my course. As I think I've mentioned, I missed a couple of weeks due to being ill, so I've been playing catch up ever since. Not good, but almost on top of it all now. Good times.

I had a room inspection in my halls of residence the other week and failed on some 'marks on the shower door' amongst other things (all equally as petty!)... frustrating, but I've got a reinspection next Monday, so like, a week, to clean the living shit out of the room!

In between massive marathons in the library differentiating the shit out of functions, I've been watching a bit of 'Extreme Fishing with Robson Green'. Good show. Getting me in the mood for some fishing ASAP! Thinking I may have to potter down to the shore soon and hope for some whiteling or very early mackerel!

Past couple of days we've had some gorgeous weather, so I think if it holds up I may go have a play next Wednesday, so I'll have to pop back and get all my gear... Any suggestions on how to fit a 9 foot rod on a motorbike? Gonna be a laugh!

In other news, Combichrist announced a gig in my town.

I'm really into my Industrial music, and once every two months a local venue puts on an awesome industrial 'club' night. Always packed out (dunno where all the rivetheads come from!), always brilliant. Anyway it's a tiny little place, maybe 200 capacity.

The very same venue has booked Combichrist! Excellent!!

Got my ticket (and one for my girlfriend), so I'm chuffed about that.

Also I found this guy: http://www.myspace.com/paulwardingham, makes very good 7 string tacular metals. Lavely!

Okay, onto the recipe! I think I might make this a regular feature.

Basically since it is shrove Tuesday I decided normal pancakes were nowhere near hardcore enough, so I left those for my faggoty flatmates.


Motherfuckin' curry pancakes!
As you may have guessed I'm a big fan of all things curry! I love my food hot, and I love the spectrum of flavours afforded by Indian and Thai food. Awesome.

As before I don't really know quantities - I improvise and don't take much care to remember, but the pancakes are the finnicky bit, the rest is gonna be 'to flavour', anyway, and I took care with the pancake batter.


First up the curry I served it with. I fancied something a bit like a Pathia today, but with Spinach. So maybe a Sag Pathia? I don't know. Anyway, it came out being hot and sweet, with a good full flavour.

I chucked about 2tbsp of butter ghee in a pan. You could replace with any oil, really. Ghee is awesome though.

I let this melt, and chopped up like, two chicken breasts and lumped it in with a fuckload of spinach.

Next I whammed in about a fucktonne of spices. In particular I went for, chilli powder, garam massala, curry powder, ground coriander (this is shit btw - always get fresh if you can!), and ground garlic (same!).

To this mix I added like, a fist and a half of brown sugar, and a teeny splash of vinegar.

Then I stirred it all up and called it a good'n, and left it to cook on a medium high heat (I didn't wanna sit around for ages!)


Pretty standard pancake recipe with a bit of a twist!

I diced one onion finely, and chucked it into a bowl.

Next I sifted 110g~ of flour into it.

Then I added salt (more than a pinch because my heart is manly and can cope with fuck loads of salt, and my tongue demands it), shit loads of chilli powder, and shit loads of curry powder. I then mixed the fucker right up so it looked like flour mixed with sand

I made a well in the mixture and added two eggs, and beat the living shit out of it until it was sticky, lumpy, and vaguely resembling a massive turd.

Next I added, slowly (bit by bit), some milk. About 200ml ish. The final consistency was that of really runny puke, or maybe thin cream with chopped onions in it :P If you've made pancake batter you know what you're looking for here.

Then I melted some butter with some ghee, about half and half mix, and added a bit to the pancake mix. The rest stayed in the pan, which I brought up to some ungodly heat, and chucked the pancake mix into. Job done. Toss the fuckers and call it a meal!

This much mix was good for more than 4. Probably 6. I made an experimental 'deep pan' one at the start, with about a fucking million tonnes of the mix in it, and it was naff so I got rid. Go for about 2-3tbsps of the mix in a 6" pan and you're golden I'd say, but ymmv.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Photo of the curry from the last post's recipe. At some point I will upload a recipe for my pulao rice, it will blow your mind.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Been away!

Well! Had a hectic few days away from the PC. Pretty boring stuff on the whole, though.

Had an awesome night out last night though, went out pretty late, so didn't end up getting drunk. Ended up going out with one of my best friends at the uni, and his housemate.

We went down to this amazing curry house that we go to some times. I let the owner pick my meal, and it was amazing. This was followed by a long lecture on Indian politics, then he taught us how to make Chai (we have tried many times, but ours is always weak and shitty).

Anyway over dinner it was decided that, since we're in a coastal time, we need to go fishing together.

He used to do a lot of sailing when he was younger, and did quite a bit of coarse fishing also.

I've been coarse fishing a few times, but mainly done a lot of sea fishing on boats. Never done shore, which is what we're going to do in the easter break in April. Stoked for this, it has been far too long, and I have no excuse for not fishing loads now I'm down here!

I'm running a 9 foot rod with a 5-7oz cast weight and a fixed spool reel, is this gonna work for pier & beach fishing? Also I'm used to 'spinner' lures, generally with trebles on a monofilament line.

Any fishermen out there - what should I change about my set up for shore fishing? I'm thinking there'll be more focus on the cast so should probably get a shockleader..

For sea work I've never used a float before, is this something I should look into?

Anyway, the other week I made a brilliant thai red curry from scratch, purely by accident. Lost the recipe for ages but my girlfriend just found it! I'm afraid I don't really pay attention to quantities of things, I work by taste, so... Enjoy!

-Shit loads of butter ghee, melt in pan. Literally shit loads. I use a bowl shaped pan about 6" across, ghee was maybe a half inch deep here.
-Finely chop garlic cloves and fry with bay and chopped almonds.
-Add meat. I used chicken but fish would probably be epic as well.
-Half a beef stock cube crumbled. For size, refer to oxo cubes.
-Shit loads of chilli powder. I guess this is what coloured it red! Mild if you're a pussy, but only if you're a pussy.
-Little pinch of garam massala
-Bird eye chillis. I think I used like 10-15.
-Let all that shit fry for a bit, pretty much until the meat is good to go.
-In the mean time, coconut milk. I say in the mean time because I buy powdered stuff. It's more economical and you can make it fucking strong. So what I did here, was a bowl of milk milk, in the microwave so it was piping hot, then add about a metric fucktonne of the coconut powder. Boom, super strong awesome coconut milk, amazing.
-Add that shit, along with a large wadge of brown sugar, I guess to taste, but more than you think you'll want
-Coriander and peppadews, add them!
-Soy sauce to taste. I use kikkoman 'cos it's way stronger than brands like Amoy and whatever.

Boom, awesome! Stay tuned for the best rice recipe you will ever know.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Unsurprising failure...

Well, staying up half the night resulted in my oversleeping today. Woke up an hour before my alarm went off, straight back to sleep then boom, missed another mornings' worth of lectures.

Ohwell. Went to town and grabbed Black Spiders tickets, awesome.

Totally failed to find anywhere that stocked over a 0.058" (I run more than that on my 7th strings, let alone my 8th!), so have resorted to internet purchasing. Awesome, works I guess.

I'm at the vague end (I hope) of a 3 week cold. Massive pain in the ass to say the least! Glad it's going away, but I'm stuck with a weird partial deafness in my left ear. Pretty odd. Hohum.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Funny how...

....I only ever seem to get productive late at night. Oh well. Mashed out Simple Harmonic Motion today, which is good.

Catching up on stuff I should have been doing while ill. First big chunk out of the massive pile of built up workload! Tomorrow I will have to nail CoM/Centroids and revise collisions for a test on Thursday. I know there's a bitch of a question involving describing CoM based on masses in cartesian coordinates. Fun.

Also must grab new strings for my new (used) guitar. Gonna be interesting, as it's an 8 string, and 8 string sets are almost non existent.

Plan of action:

Enter music shop
Ask: "What's the highest gauge single guitar string you sell?"
If over 70, try to construct a set based on it
If under 70, leave

Hoping for, ideally, 10-74, D'Addario if possible just 'cuz they nice.

Also must acquire Black Spiders tickets for Thursday evening.

Also some big paper to make up massive formula cheat sheets for my room, to help me learn the bastards!

Time to hit the hay and read some more of The Ringworld Throne. Good book!

On the subject of procrastination...

So today I overslept and missed my lectures, whoops.

As recompense to my studies I figured I'd spend the day catching up on what I was meant to be doing when I was ill last week. Instead I've just been trawling around blogger following interesting looking blogs. Heyho!

I guess I should leave the internet alone for a bit and get on with things.. But first, how good does bulletstorm look?

Of late I've barely touched my 360, will be nice to catch up on the workload and put in some time on Bad Company 2!

Cameron on youtube....... http://www.youtube.com/worldview


Not sure how long this is gonna be going on, but interesting if you catch it in time. Blaaaady libcon.