Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Funny how...

....I only ever seem to get productive late at night. Oh well. Mashed out Simple Harmonic Motion today, which is good.

Catching up on stuff I should have been doing while ill. First big chunk out of the massive pile of built up workload! Tomorrow I will have to nail CoM/Centroids and revise collisions for a test on Thursday. I know there's a bitch of a question involving describing CoM based on masses in cartesian coordinates. Fun.

Also must grab new strings for my new (used) guitar. Gonna be interesting, as it's an 8 string, and 8 string sets are almost non existent.

Plan of action:

Enter music shop
Ask: "What's the highest gauge single guitar string you sell?"
If over 70, try to construct a set based on it
If under 70, leave

Hoping for, ideally, 10-74, D'Addario if possible just 'cuz they nice.

Also must acquire Black Spiders tickets for Thursday evening.

Also some big paper to make up massive formula cheat sheets for my room, to help me learn the bastards!

Time to hit the hay and read some more of The Ringworld Throne. Good book!


  1. what is the average price for them?

  2. When you are not supposed to do something is when you really want to do it.

  3. haha reading that makes me nostalgize when I was still learning about my ukulele!