Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Been away!

Well! Had a hectic few days away from the PC. Pretty boring stuff on the whole, though.

Had an awesome night out last night though, went out pretty late, so didn't end up getting drunk. Ended up going out with one of my best friends at the uni, and his housemate.

We went down to this amazing curry house that we go to some times. I let the owner pick my meal, and it was amazing. This was followed by a long lecture on Indian politics, then he taught us how to make Chai (we have tried many times, but ours is always weak and shitty).

Anyway over dinner it was decided that, since we're in a coastal time, we need to go fishing together.

He used to do a lot of sailing when he was younger, and did quite a bit of coarse fishing also.

I've been coarse fishing a few times, but mainly done a lot of sea fishing on boats. Never done shore, which is what we're going to do in the easter break in April. Stoked for this, it has been far too long, and I have no excuse for not fishing loads now I'm down here!

I'm running a 9 foot rod with a 5-7oz cast weight and a fixed spool reel, is this gonna work for pier & beach fishing? Also I'm used to 'spinner' lures, generally with trebles on a monofilament line.

Any fishermen out there - what should I change about my set up for shore fishing? I'm thinking there'll be more focus on the cast so should probably get a shockleader..

For sea work I've never used a float before, is this something I should look into?

Anyway, the other week I made a brilliant thai red curry from scratch, purely by accident. Lost the recipe for ages but my girlfriend just found it! I'm afraid I don't really pay attention to quantities of things, I work by taste, so... Enjoy!

-Shit loads of butter ghee, melt in pan. Literally shit loads. I use a bowl shaped pan about 6" across, ghee was maybe a half inch deep here.
-Finely chop garlic cloves and fry with bay and chopped almonds.
-Add meat. I used chicken but fish would probably be epic as well.
-Half a beef stock cube crumbled. For size, refer to oxo cubes.
-Shit loads of chilli powder. I guess this is what coloured it red! Mild if you're a pussy, but only if you're a pussy.
-Little pinch of garam massala
-Bird eye chillis. I think I used like 10-15.
-Let all that shit fry for a bit, pretty much until the meat is good to go.
-In the mean time, coconut milk. I say in the mean time because I buy powdered stuff. It's more economical and you can make it fucking strong. So what I did here, was a bowl of milk milk, in the microwave so it was piping hot, then add about a metric fucktonne of the coconut powder. Boom, super strong awesome coconut milk, amazing.
-Add that shit, along with a large wadge of brown sugar, I guess to taste, but more than you think you'll want
-Coriander and peppadews, add them!
-Soy sauce to taste. I use kikkoman 'cos it's way stronger than brands like Amoy and whatever.

Boom, awesome! Stay tuned for the best rice recipe you will ever know.


  1. sounds interesting! following

  2. I love Thai food, thank you soo much.

  3. Interesting recipe, I'm definitely going to have to check it out sometime :D

  4. it's very easy for how good it is. I have a well stocked cupboard full of shit for making curries, so all of this was to hand, but it's not hard-to-find stuff.

  5. Sure can do - pics of the curry? I actually took one when I made it, so you're in luck. My fishing set up is at home, though, so no photos of that at the moment.