Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Almost a week since I posted last! Appalling

Well, once again I've been really busy! I've another recipe to post, but more on that later.

This week I have been mostly nailing a shit load of calculus for my course. As I think I've mentioned, I missed a couple of weeks due to being ill, so I've been playing catch up ever since. Not good, but almost on top of it all now. Good times.

I had a room inspection in my halls of residence the other week and failed on some 'marks on the shower door' amongst other things (all equally as petty!)... frustrating, but I've got a reinspection next Monday, so like, a week, to clean the living shit out of the room!

In between massive marathons in the library differentiating the shit out of functions, I've been watching a bit of 'Extreme Fishing with Robson Green'. Good show. Getting me in the mood for some fishing ASAP! Thinking I may have to potter down to the shore soon and hope for some whiteling or very early mackerel!

Past couple of days we've had some gorgeous weather, so I think if it holds up I may go have a play next Wednesday, so I'll have to pop back and get all my gear... Any suggestions on how to fit a 9 foot rod on a motorbike? Gonna be a laugh!

In other news, Combichrist announced a gig in my town.

I'm really into my Industrial music, and once every two months a local venue puts on an awesome industrial 'club' night. Always packed out (dunno where all the rivetheads come from!), always brilliant. Anyway it's a tiny little place, maybe 200 capacity.

The very same venue has booked Combichrist! Excellent!!

Got my ticket (and one for my girlfriend), so I'm chuffed about that.

Also I found this guy: http://www.myspace.com/paulwardingham, makes very good 7 string tacular metals. Lavely!

Okay, onto the recipe! I think I might make this a regular feature.

Basically since it is shrove Tuesday I decided normal pancakes were nowhere near hardcore enough, so I left those for my faggoty flatmates.


Motherfuckin' curry pancakes!
As you may have guessed I'm a big fan of all things curry! I love my food hot, and I love the spectrum of flavours afforded by Indian and Thai food. Awesome.

As before I don't really know quantities - I improvise and don't take much care to remember, but the pancakes are the finnicky bit, the rest is gonna be 'to flavour', anyway, and I took care with the pancake batter.


First up the curry I served it with. I fancied something a bit like a Pathia today, but with Spinach. So maybe a Sag Pathia? I don't know. Anyway, it came out being hot and sweet, with a good full flavour.

I chucked about 2tbsp of butter ghee in a pan. You could replace with any oil, really. Ghee is awesome though.

I let this melt, and chopped up like, two chicken breasts and lumped it in with a fuckload of spinach.

Next I whammed in about a fucktonne of spices. In particular I went for, chilli powder, garam massala, curry powder, ground coriander (this is shit btw - always get fresh if you can!), and ground garlic (same!).

To this mix I added like, a fist and a half of brown sugar, and a teeny splash of vinegar.

Then I stirred it all up and called it a good'n, and left it to cook on a medium high heat (I didn't wanna sit around for ages!)


Pretty standard pancake recipe with a bit of a twist!

I diced one onion finely, and chucked it into a bowl.

Next I sifted 110g~ of flour into it.

Then I added salt (more than a pinch because my heart is manly and can cope with fuck loads of salt, and my tongue demands it), shit loads of chilli powder, and shit loads of curry powder. I then mixed the fucker right up so it looked like flour mixed with sand

I made a well in the mixture and added two eggs, and beat the living shit out of it until it was sticky, lumpy, and vaguely resembling a massive turd.

Next I added, slowly (bit by bit), some milk. About 200ml ish. The final consistency was that of really runny puke, or maybe thin cream with chopped onions in it :P If you've made pancake batter you know what you're looking for here.

Then I melted some butter with some ghee, about half and half mix, and added a bit to the pancake mix. The rest stayed in the pan, which I brought up to some ungodly heat, and chucked the pancake mix into. Job done. Toss the fuckers and call it a meal!

This much mix was good for more than 4. Probably 6. I made an experimental 'deep pan' one at the start, with about a fucking million tonnes of the mix in it, and it was naff so I got rid. Go for about 2-3tbsps of the mix in a 6" pan and you're golden I'd say, but ymmv.



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